"Fiona McGary is the real deal.  Her Stand UP Comedy Course is born from real
world comedy experience.  Fiona is the incredibly rare combination of
practitioner and teacher.  She has been there and done it!  For sure.  But
then so have a lot of comics.  What separates Fiona from the rest is she
knows how pass on her experience to those who are willing to learn.  Not
only does she understand how to package and provide great instruction, she
is also skilled in drawing out of her students the most important ingredient
that must be present if any of us are to grow.  That is the confidence to
say to our self - "I can do that."  Well done Fiona.

Martin Stead
"Class of 2015"

 "Never did I think I'd learn so much in such a short amount of time! I found the course to be incredibly helpful, and Fiona is an outstanding teacher. She is thoughtful, encouraging, (obviously hilarious) and has a wealth of knowledge about the comedy industry that she is only to happy to share with her students. My writing skills have improved vastly in such a short amount of time, as have my confidence levels. If you're thinking about trying some stand up comedy, I couldn't recommend this course more. A fantastic first step into the industry & well worth the money! "

Sam Turk

“I gave up comedy over two decades ago due to nerves and lack of confidence in myself. Fiona’s course taught me about the art of writing and rewriting good comedy, and finding the funnies in everyday life. Standing on a stage delivering a routine, free of nerves, and knowing that every joke was working was a feeling that I will never forget, and was one of, if not THE best experiences of my life. I recommend this course to anyone who not only wants to be funny on stage, but to people who have a fear of public speaking. I have dreamt about being a comic my whole life, and no matter what happens in the future I know that I have the confidence and ability to get up there and have a go! Thanks Fiona.”

Darren Hallesy

News Editor, City News


Thanks Fiona for such a brilliant course. I have learnt more in the six weeks than I have in 30 years of performing. What I have gained has energized me and broadened my scope as an entertainer. I have never felt so alive and in the moment than I did when I performed my very first stand up routine on week sixOf the course. I was so proud of my fellow course members who just blitzed it on the night. The Change from week one to week six had to be seen to be believed. Congratulations, you have changed lives. Anyone thinking of doing this course, just do it, you will find something in yourself you never knew exsisted.

Regards Tuffy.



"For anyone who feels they may have a hidden comedy genius within, or for anyone just looking for a seriously good time and a boost to their confidence, then I cannot recommend doing Fiona's Stand Up Comedy Course highly enough. It was the perfect introduction to performing Stand Up, and under Fiona's cool, friendly and professional instruction, and considering I have experienced anxiety most of my life, I came away with a new found inner confidence in myself, with the performance show on the final night being one of the most exhilarating and satisfying nights of my life. Not only did I meet a great new group of fantastic (and funny) friends, but I learned the essential techniques required to perform well on stage and engage the audience with confidence. What I also loved was that Fiona allowed me to develop my own unique style of comedy, taught me to not only observe the outside world in a new and interesting light, but also got me to take a good look inside and discover the true comedian within. The only disappointing thing is to have now finished - I am certainly going to miss the fun and lively atmosphere of our class on Tuesday nights. Thank you and best of luck Fiona, I feel your influence has certainly changed my life for the better."

 Warmest Regards,

 Justin Knudson

"I’ve done a lot of public speaking, run workshops and retreats, had lots of training on presentation skills but nothing could prepare me for what I gained from doing your course.  In 6 weeks I not only pushed past some huge boundaries and fears, but discovered a hobby I am looking forward to developing further.  Your Stand Up Comedy Course was an incredible experience, it expanded me in ways I did not know possible and your delivery of the content was brilliant.  Loved having your support, professional input and enjoyed the laughs. If you want to increase your confidence or are a public  speaker  then book in now – it’ll be the best thing you will ever do. Thanks a million Fiona. You Rock !"

Janelle Manton www.topsecretwomensbusiness.com

"Fiona has taught me much about life and comedy. She’s one of a handful of people who can make me laugh at will. To see her take her playful, positive thoughtful whimsy into a harsh spotlight and win over audiences night after night is an inspiration. She is clever, kind and strong, something every mentor and teacher should be."

Greg Sullivan ( Sully) Triple M Breakfast Show

"Fiona’s wit and sense of humour had the dining room in hysterics. It was pitched just right for the audience and people were able to connect and relate to the scenarios.

She certainly set the atmosphere for the dinner and helped everyone to unwind. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fiona for any corporate event. As a conference organiser,

I received excellent feedback from the attendees."

Beverley Austin, The University of Queensland Student Service Centres Conference 2008, Brisbane Convention Centre

"Fiona McGary is one of the most creative and original comedians on the comedy circuit. She has played for audiences from 2 - 2000, and deservedly so. Her passion, commitment and experience make her an excellent teacher."

Roger Beams, The Sit Down Comedy Club

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