Public Speaking Workshop


Public Speaking Workshop

Public speaking is one peoples greatest fears, trembling knees, sweaty palms and that, oh I feel sick feeling!! At some point in your

personal or professional life you will have to speak publicly, just reading that may have made you feel anxious..

Heres the great news, none of that needs to be the case.

 Join Fiona McGary, Professional comedian and founder of Standup Comedy Course for her New Workshop, she will change the way look at speaking and

Actually have you looking forward to it. Take this opportunity to be educated

By Fiona who has has taught The Comedy Course for 7 years and had hundreds and hundreds of people overcome huge fear.


You will finally know you can talk anywhere anytime with CONFIDENCE.

It will be one of the greatest assets you have.


The workshop covers

 1   How to deal with nerves and anxiety using your natural physiology.

2  Build trust, rapport and credibility with listeners.

3  Correct Microphone techniques

4  Be completely present and speak with impact.

5  How to manage a room whilst speaking.

6  Relax into slowing down, eye contact, pausing and silence.

7  Shaping your presentation

8  How to engage your audience

9  How to maximize you voice

10 How to deliver with confidence

11  How to become an effective comfortable communicator

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